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    In This Moment


    In This Moment is an American melodic metalcore band formed in 2005. Their first album entitled Beautiful Tragedy was released on March 20th, 2007 on Century Media Records. The band's sound falls on the melodic side of the metalcore spectrum, with vocalist Maria Brink utilising both screams and a good deal of clean, emotive singing. They are scheduled to perform on the 2007 Ozzfest second stage.

    In 2005, singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth met through some common friends. After becoming acquainted they found there was much in common between the two and began writing songs. Soon thereafter they enlisted the help of Los Angeles drummer Jeff Fabb. By mid-2005, the lineup included Brink, Howorth, Fabb, guitarist Blake Bunzell, and bassist Josh Newell. The band recorded demos and posted them on Myspace, where they generated a large internet following. During the summer of 2005, Newell departed from the band to focus on his other project, Ketaset, as well as his sound engineering work. A close friend of the band named Pascual Romero took over bass duties for a short time before Jessy Landry was given the position, and the band found its permanent lineup. By the end of the year, In This Moment had generated such a large following due to diligent internet marketing and "do-it-yourself" touring, they sparked an interest from Century Media Records. A worldwide record deal followed.

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